Node.js File Uploads Course

Banging head to desk to get file upload working from within Node?

Two hours spent reading yet another tutorial that didn't leave you fully off on your own

You know how you can spend two hours reading a tutorial and realize it doesn't leave you fully off on your own. Files still get created with 0 bytes in your project.

It's also key to collect fields, like email and name, along with image - but text fields read as undefined on the server.

Have you prevented files from being left around in the file system? They can fill up your server.

And what good does an upload do if you can't view the images? How to send back a link the client can use - one that doesn't result in 404?

Get your files, safe and sound, uploaded on a server

What if you knew precisely how to get your files, safe and sound, uploaded on a server. You'd have complete form data at your fingertips on the backend, ready for you to use.

You'd decide where your files are stored and for how long.

You could build a tailored UI for swiping through uploaded files. Your backend would serve frontend needs.

Video course that teaches Node.js file uploads

In Node.js File Uploads video course, you'll learn

  • REST API that suits file uploads
  • backend form processing
  • busboy library for parsing file upload request
  • read text fields along with files
  • use streams for efficient file handling
  • reject invalid submit data
  • choose between database and cloud storage for file storage
  • clean up files left behind when upload fails
  • properly cancel large file upload mid-way
  • write e2e tests to gain peace of mind complete flow works

Exercise project where you build product catalog app

You'll build a full Node backend for a product catalog app. You're also provided with a pre-made React frontend.

Product Catalog example project.

Coming soon

The course is currently being built. All is coming well, and it should be out soon.