There are 350 000 NPM packages. Your task: pick one.

It takes 3.2x effort to replace existing library

There are 350 000 NPM packages and your task is to pick one. Chances of ending up depending on an unmaintained project are good. It takes multiple times the effort to replace an existing library than to go with the right one from the beginning.

What if only modifications to your dependencies were version bumps?

What if the only modifications to your dependencies were version bumps? Your team would focus on creating new features instead of nurturing old libraries. Imagine the dependencies used in your project were kept and well liked.

Learn what to look for in reliable NPM package

With “Choosing NPM Packages” guide you’ll learn what things at when evaluating NPM packages. You’ll get to leverage the legwork done by the others by checking what the community thinks of a package. Then you’ll learn what things to look at in the source repository of a project.

Get the guide and you'll be choosing packages in your project that last.


"I can spend a lot of time just evaluating candidates. The amount of available packages is both a curse and a blessing."
- a JavaScript developer